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Within the Twelfth University Cultural Festival, took place the presentation of books and the recognition and of appreciation for his 50 years of experience and work to the teacher Enrique Mijares Verdin, director of the group "Teatro Espacio Vacio".Mijares Verdin is a person who holds many titles, writer, theatre director, playwright  author, researcher and more, as expressed by the presenter of his works, the literary critic Fernando de Ita, who came from Pachuca, Hidalgo, for the ceremony.


Mijares has worn the t-shirt of the Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango, said  Fernando de Ita, "I am fortunate to have met this man and his work; he is a pride of the  state and recognized in the country, since he has traveled to different states of Mexico, to present his work", said the presenter.


After an interesting presentation, we proceeded to the delivery of the expected recognition for his 50 year career, emphasizing his books, of which the latest has four volumes and is called "Open Borders", another one is a personal anthology , "The Sword in Pledge", a book that contains stories about theater, "The years with Carlos Fuentes", literary essays on the works of that author, and one more," The construction of the city of Durango, "which are essays on architecture.


Currently the teacher Enrique Mijares Verdín directed a play called "The Moon in Captivity," written by Sandra Mendoza. This staging is presented in the University Auditorium on Saturday and Sunday, at 5 and 7 o´cock.


"The great teacher Enrique Mijares Verdin has written about very important people like Nelly Campobello, Doroteo Arango, better known as Pancho Villa.  Mijares Verdin´s works  may account for his history and his people, "explained the guest speaker Fernando de Ita.


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